Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips

Don’t want to risk breaking out with acne days before your wedding day? Relax, stay calm, and try out these wedding skincare tips to balance your stress and manage pre-wedding breakouts.

Ideally, the days and weeks before your wedding day should be filled with excitement and anticipation. Unfortunately, most brides-to-be find themselves feeling way more stress than anything else. Excess stress before your wedding day can lead to breakouts, which may mean less-than-ideal skin on your wedding day. Our best suggestion overall for pre-wedding skincare is to mitigate stress! Keep reading to find out how to keep stress and stress-induced breakouts to a minimum before you head down the aisle!

Hands Off!

First and foremost, you have to stop touching your face. When we’re stressed, we tend to rub our eyes, chin, and pick at our face, without even realizing we’re doing it! Be conscious of what you’re doing with your hands, especially when it comes to touching our faces. You’re introducing bacteria to your pores which can lead to pre-wedding breakouts.

If you do get a blemish or two before your wedding, don’t fret! But also, don’t pop it or pick at it, otherwise, you risk turning it into a much bigger, more obvious blemish down the line.

Wash and Moisturize Daily

The days leading up to your wedding might be filled with late-night, last-minute planning sessions, or stressed-out calls to your mom. But, no matter what, you can’t forget to wash and moisturize your face, especially before bed. At night, our skin works to replenish and heal the damage done throughout the day. In order to give it the best chance of properly healing (and not developing a pimple or two) is by sticking to your skincare routine and washing and moisturizing before bed.

As a general rule, stay away from products with salicylic acid. They can dry out your skin!

Lay off the Makeup

In the weeks before your wedding, do your best not to wear a lot of makeup. Makeup clogs your pores and makes it easier for blemishes to develop. Save your makeup for your wedding day in order to ensure clear skin.

Test Run your Spray Tan Color

This is important!! If you’re planning on getting a spray tan for your wedding, do a test run at least a month in advance. Test the color formula and the numbers of days in advance you need to get the tan. You want to feel confident you won’t be too orange, splotchy or the tan won’t rub off on your beautiful dress! Listen to episode 96 of leftovercakechat for our step-by-step tips for perfecting your spray tan.

Meditate (Trust us!)

When you’re stressed out it can change your body in a number of ways. If you want to calm down and clear your mind a bit before your big day, consider taking up a meditation practice in order to de-stress a little. Obviously, a meditation practice can do much more for your body than just help reduce the chance of breakouts. Meditation could be a valuable practice to connect with yourself and slow your mind during a stressful time in your life.

Kicking Stress is our #1 Pre-Wedding Skincare Tip

No one wants to deal with stress and a stress-induced breakout on wedding day. Unfortunately, the environment surrounding weddings is usually a breakout’s best friend/ Between the wedding stress and anxiety, it’s easy to forget to slow down, wash your face, and take a breath. Luckily, if you follow our tips you can lower your chances of breakouts on your wedding day by taking some time to yourself every day to take care of your skin and meditate.

If you want to learn how to celebrate your wedding with as little stress as possible, connect with us today.

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