The Bridal Retreat Team

We’ve brought the best people together to give you a holistic and transformative experience in your wedding planning journey. From budgeting to physical wellbeing, we will help you to ensure you enjoy the planning process as well as your special day!


Kristin Sullivan

Kristin Sullivan is a woman of patience and perseverance, making her the perfect person to handle weddings. Using her skills and knowledge, she has been helping many brides have the best day of their lives for more than two decades. She wanted her expertise in wedding planning to help many more people and started organizing retreats for brides called The Bridal Retreat.

Before The Bridal Retreat, Sullivan founded Swivel Group Events, where she handled destination planning and brought unique concepts to reality. She created weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate VIP parties. She has worked with hundreds of clients and has developed events for large corporations like Jaguar, Land Rover, Collier Enterprises, and the World Paddle Association. She just opened a small bed-and-breakfast in Florida for couples to retreat to plan with her during a ‘planning moon.’

Through her endeavor, she hopes to arm newly engaged women with the confidence to interact with vendors, manage budgets, and deal with all aspects of a wedding in a professional manner.

She has carefully chosen a group of experts who genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of others.

Jenell Kelly

Jenell is an experienced Registered Nurse with a lifelong passion for nurturing and empowering others in their time of need. Through her commitment and dedication, she has built a strong presence in health and wellness on various platforms. She has become known for guiding others on achieving a clear vision that allows them to live a life free from stress. Driven by her own life experiences of physical, spiritual, and financial challenges, she is fully committed to leading others to live their best life.

While focusing on her nursing career, she realized she missed her physical well-being love. She noticed an improvement in energy, clarity, and attention after making certain dietary modifications. She works with Kristin to help people build their lives on love, wellness, and freedom by combining her expertise and experience with her enthusiasm for helping others.

Kathryn McCann

Kathryn McCann is the founder of Hang Zen Yogis and is an enthusiastic instructor and practitioner. She is a nationally certified E-RYT 500 yoga instructor through Yoga Works. She is recognized for her enthusiasm for health and well-being, creative self-expression, and inspirational teaching approach that combines the practice’s physical and spiritual dimensions.

Her teachings combine energetic vinyasa flow asana (connecting movement with breath) with the use of exact alignment, which she learned through extensive ballet and contemporary dance training. She incorporates meditation, visualization, intention, and prayer into her work to create an inner journey of healing, development, and empowerment.

She trained as a professional dancer and performer at the Boston Ballet School and the Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet from East Carolina University in 2002. She has danced professionally for The Moving Poets Theatre of Dance, Sea World San Diego, and San Diego Dance Theatre. She now works as a yoga instructor and SUP yoga (stand-up paddleboard yoga) instructor in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.

Erin Washington

Erin is a mother of two and a former D1 collegiate athlete. She struggled with her weight and body image for 20 years before finding a way to live a balanced life. She no longer skips a workout, but she also doesn’t turn down a beverage.

Erin owns “Squats and Margaritas,” a fitness blog that encourages women to work out hard while still having fun.  Her writings detail her issue with eating, how she overcame it, and the formula she used to see results in the gym finally. Her purpose is to inspire women to live their lives in harmony and to discover their best selves.

Erin Leon

Erin Leon started in the event management industry by coordinating her college events, galas, and graduations. Her event organizing skills won her a position at a hotel, and she continued her profession in Florida after graduation.

Erin worked in all hotel sections, learning the operations, sales, and marketing from the ground up, between promotions and transfers across hotels throughout Florida. Knowing her love was for events, she realized that sales and event organizing was her passion. Her ability to see all sides of a matter allows everyone to obtain the creative, memorable experience they want while staying under budget. Now an owner of a Café, sales manager for a restaurant, a planner with Swivel Group Events, and a coach for The Bridal Retreat, Erin’s drive to help people continues to grow every day!

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