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The Bridal Retreat: How to Manage Stress and Enjoy the Journey

According to a Zola survey, 96% of newly engaged brides go through a ton of stress before getting married. If you’re recently engaged, first off—congratulations! Secondly, you are probably part of the 96% and understand exactly why so many people are freaking out about their big day.

Getting married is a life-changing event, and for some, it’s their dream come true. For others, it’s still likely the happiest day of their lives, but with a dash of stress and anxiety added to the mix. Wedding planning is widely considered to be one of the most stressful events of a person’s life—you have to make this major life transition, seamlessly involve all the most important people in your life, and spend loads of money, all while being expected to have a smile on your face.

But you already know all of this. In fact, you might even be experiencing it, and that’s precisely why you need The Bridal Retreat.

What Is The Bridal Retreat?

The Bridal Retreat is a luxury retreat for newly engaged brides-to-be. It’s more than a place or an event—it’s a chance for you to take a step back from all the stress, disengage, and breathe. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t find anywhere else, where wedding planning marries wellness.

Founded by Kristin Sullivan, The Bridal Retreat shows newly engaged brides how to successfully experience happy and stress-free wedding planning. The Bridal Retreat isn’t a bachelorette party (although you’ll have loads of fun!), but a labor of love to make sure that every bride walks into her wedding not only prepared but most importantly, absolutely excited to meet her life to come.

What sets The Bridal Retreat apart is that it focuses on holistic wellness. You’re not just walking into a retreat to escape—what you learn and experience at The Bridal Retreat goes beyond wedding planning, and you’ll carry it with you into your new life.

The path leading up to your big day should be just as beautiful as you want your wedding to be. Any transitionary period in life is terrifying, but knowing how to navigate it gracefully makes a world of difference. And that’s the difference we’re hoping to make.

What Can the Bridal Retreat Do for You?

Your wedding is an important day, but the journey leading to it sets the tone for your future with your fiancé, friends, family, in-laws, the list goes on. There are so many little mishaps that can go wrong, but The Bridal Retreat can help you manage all of them and give you the dream wedding you deserve.

Escape into Luxury

The Bridal Retreat is a three-night, four-day destination retreat where newly engaged brides can learn to manage everything coming their way, alongside twenty like-minded brides who are going through the same journey.

With six expert coaches and advisors, you’ll learn about wellness, stress management, wedding planning, and how to trust yourself. The Bridal Retreat is a place of transformation, where you can be supported and learn how to support yourself for the rest of your life.

Where Wedding Planning Marries Wellness

Managing wedding stress is great, but learning how to apply that knowledge holistically into every other area of your life is what makes The Bridal Retreat so unique. Starting with intentional vision boarding, you’ll learn how to manage your budget, time, and stress.

You’ll get to experience daily wellness sessions, guided yoga and meditation, guest chefs to help show you how to healthily prep and plan your meals, and more. On the wedding planning side, we bring in experts to help with wedding dress design, speech and vow writing, and even stationery artists!

Putting Yourself First

Ultimately, this is the crux of The Bridal Retreat. Your wedding is one of the most beautiful days in your life, and you deserve to enjoy the experience from start to finish. And the best way to do this is to learn to put yourself and your health first. Whether it’s your physical or mental health, The Bridal Retreat will give you all the tools and guidance you need to feel in control of your life and the confidence you need to go through this transition with a smile.

The Bridal Retreat is a life-changing experience for any bride-to-be, but it pairs beautifully with an engagement ring. Start your bridal journey off the right way with The Bridal Retreat today!

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