The Bridal Retreat

Where Wedding Planning Marries Wellness

The Bridal Retreat is a holistic and healthy approach to wedding planning — taking you from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Our 3-night Retreat is a one-of-a-kind experience bringing brides wellness, pampering and wedding planning. Our Brides walk away feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the planning process ahead!

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I’m Kristin

After decades of planning destination weddings, I want to share what I’ve learned with as many couples as possible—not just my wedding planning clients. My interest is assisting couples in navigating this period in enjoyable and meaningful ways so that the experience becomes part of their cherished memories.


You Come First

Take care of you first, Brides take on the responsibility of planning and along with that naturally comes worrying. We advise you how to fully align with you first, then you can take care of others.


This should be Fun

This is one of the most important times in your life. The intentional process The Retreat follows is guiding you to enjoy the entire journey, not just the wedding day. The methods will stay with you for life.


Destination Retreats

We carefully select our Retreat locations to spiritually transform you into a place of zen. A blend of culinary, culture and ease of travel.

Retreat To Plan

Focus On You

Take the stress out of wedding planning and focus on revitalizing your aura. Our bridal retreat will guide you through the process and help you be your boss in planning your wedding. After four days with us, you will feel a renewed energy that can guide you throughout your life if you stay consistent with the tools and resources provided by us. 

Say Yes To No-Stress Wedding Planning

The Bridal Retreat

Designed for professional women that don’t want to stop living their lives to plan a wedding, The Bridal Retreat was created by Master Wedding Director, Kristin Sullivan. With more than 20 years of wedding planning experience, Kristin has created a holistic retreat that includes vision boarding, yoga, meditation, journaling and meal prep paired with wedding planning. 

At The Bridal Retreat, we’ll equip you with all the tools and resources you need to make your wedding day everything you’ve dreamed of, while relieving the stress and tension that typically accompanies the wedding-planning journey. After just four days of planning and prepping with our team of professionals, our brides walk away feeling refreshed and ready to wed with all the major details of their wedding celebration in place.

We encourage you to make this a family or group activity! Bring your tribe and surround yourself with those who will support you through this wonderful time in your life.

Through Thick & Thin

Planning Moon

It takes two to make a happy married life. Life with your partner should start before the marriage, with you supporting each other through the journey. We have the Planning Moon program curated for couples to ensure your partner understands your vision and contributes in ways you prefer. Planning Moon is perfect for those brides who want to spend some quality time with their partner while planning the wedding together.

Delight in Our Wedding Wellness Box

Embrace the joy of your special day with an added touch of wellness. Our Wedding Wellness Box is meticulously curated to enhance your wedding planning experience, from the countdown to the big day to the cherished moments afterwards.

Designed with the bride in mind, this box is filled with handpicked items to encourage relaxation, well-being, and celebration. Every item in our box has been thoughtfully chosen to serve as  helpful planning tools, resources and reminders to cherish the journey, not just the destination. 

Enjoy the soothing scents of essential oils, luxuriate in the calming power of natural products, and indulge in self care. This isn’t just a box, it’s an experience, designed to add a touch of serenity to the wedding whirlwind.

The Wedding Wellness Box makes for a perfect gift for engaged friends or a self-care treat for yourself. Celebrate the art of well-being as you embark on this beautiful journey of love and commitment. Order now and remember to Enjoy the Journey!