A Future Bride’s Guide to Stress Management Before Saying “I Do”

Anticipating saying “I do” shouldn’t be challenging and stressful. Relax and enjoy your engagement with these pre-wedding stress management tips and tools.

Wedding preparation usually begins as soon as couple gets engaged! An average couple leaves just 15 months to put together the perfect wedding from engagement to wedding day. While brides may get help from their partners, family members, and friends, most of the wedding stress and mental load falls on them.

If you’re a bride and you feel overloaded with the stress of planning your wedding, what can you do? At The Bridal Retreat, we specialize in helping brides healthily approach their wedding. Today, we will give you some stress management techniques1 to help you stay calm as the wedding day comes.

Stress Management Techniques for Brides:

Manage Your Time:

Although planning your wedding is exciting, devoting countless hours each day to it will cause you to burn ut. Instead of going full speed, why not try to set aside a specific amount of time each day to plan your wedding? Alotting just a few hours a day may be enough, especially when broken into productive, 30-minute blocks. Try using our time-blocking template for guidance on planning your time effectively.

Each time you sit down to plan the wedding, have a desired goal in mind and set a timer. If you cannot finish the task in the allotted time, move on with your day and pick up where you left off after. Setting aside specific amounts of time to plan will help you use that time more productively and avoid being consumed for hours and hours on Pinterest boards.


Many brides spend so much time on the planning process that they forget to take time for themselves. Ignoring their health can cause them to experience physical side effects or get sick. Remember to take time for yourself so you can stay healthy and do the things you enjoy. A great way to practice self-care and relieve pre-wedding stress is by hitting the gym or doing a home workout. You can read our full post on the mental health benefits of exercise here. As exercise increases endorphins2, you’ll feel less stressed and get better quality sleep at night.

Remember that self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. You can stock your pantry with healthy snacks or meal prep on Sunday for the week to free up hours during the work week. You can pamper yourself in smalls ways, like buying your favorite candle, getting your nails done, doing an at-home facial, or journaling. Self-care fits any budget and schedule, it’s just a matter of committing to setting aside time for yourself.

Stress Management Holidays

As your wedding approaches, you may wish to take a short getaway trip to set aside time with your partner or by yourself. Planning a trip of these sorts will give you something besides your wedding to look forward to, and also gives you time to relax and reflect before a new chapter in your life begins.

Relax and Wedding Plan at The Bridal Retreat

An excellent way to combine wedding planning with holidays is by visiting The Bridal Retreat. We focus on wellness and pre-wedding stress management activities, such as meditation, yoga sessions, and daily spa treatments. While being pampered and relaxing, you’ll learn how to plan your wedding like a pro from our expert team of wedding and wellness professionals.

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