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The Bridal Retreat

The Bridal Retreat is the creation of Kristin Sullivan, a Master Wedding & Event Planner.

Kristin decided to add wedding planning to her travel & event planning career when her own destination wedding went wrong in the hands of an unreliable resort wedding planner. Kristin was busy working a full-time job and arranging travel for her friends and family to attend the celebration. With so much going on, she relied on what she believed was the expert on-site. Unfortunately, this was not the case! Kristin had to spend the 48 hours before her vows fixing issues that never should have been issues in the first place on a luxury private island resort.

After nearly two decades of celebration planning, she realized that there was a need for a healthier planning process in this busy, chaotic world we reside in. And after months of research, she discovered that there was no easy solution being offered, so she created one — The Bridal Retreat!

Since then, Kristin has been actively involved in preparing, assisting and guiding brides-to-be in creating happy memories leading up to and on their special day!

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Kristin hosts a Sunday morning feature on Facebook called LeftoverCakeChat, where she talks all things wedding while eating cake and drinking champagne from her vintage mobile office camper. With a preference to remaining behind the scenes, Kristin has had a wedding feature on ABC Primetime, she had been quoted in People.com and published in many magazines.

When not planning celebrations, Kristin splits her time between Nashville and Naples. Traveling, stand up paddleboarding and hanging out with her 4-legged fur buddy Abaco are some of her favorite things.

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