Wedding Flowers Tips-3 Ways to Upcycle your Wedding Flowers

One of the conversations we often have with brides is around flowers. Understandably, many brides are worried that flowers are a waste of money. We want to assure you that if you envision flowers as part of your wedding day decor, it is not a waste of money to execute the wedding of your dreams! However, we always offer suggestions to concerned brides on how to get the most out of flowers, and budget, accordingly. If you do want flowers on your wedding day, we hope these suggestions will help you feel confident in your decision.

Option 1: Repurpose flowers for another event

Many brides host welcome dinners or brunches the night before or morning after the wedding. Brides often opt to use flowers for both/all events. Simply switch out linens or something simple to change up the look. Most guests don’t even realize that they’re the same flowers! Repurpose bridesmaid bouquets as entry or table decor. Have your florist leave a few extra vases in the right spot when bridesmaids get to the reception!

Option 2: Opt for flowers that may be taken home and replanted

Another option that many brides like is to use potted flowers like orchids. Guests can take home the plants and replant or enjoy as is. Even if you’re having a destination wedding, there is usually at least one person that drives to be responsible for transporting the flowers home. Potted flowers and plants also make for great favors!

Option 3: Donate wedding flowers to an organization

After the wedding and/or brunch, many brides also opt to donate their flowers to organizations such as nursing homes. We love knowing that there is someone who will appreciate their beauty well after the wedding day!

Option 4: Preserve your bridal bouquet

Nowadays, there are services available online that preserve your bridal bouquet for you to keep and display. Some companies press your flowers and frame them, or preserve and display your bouquet in a glass or acrylic box. Some options we found on Etsy include EmiStudio and Mariaela.

We hope these tips will help you decide on flowers for your wedding day, and feel confident in your decision in allocating part of your budget to flowers. We also want to note that if you do not like/want/enjoy/see value in flowers that is totally okay, too! It is our job to help you come up with beautiful decor options that fit your wedding vision.

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