Introducing The Bridal Retreat Wedding Planning Journal

One of the most common questions a business owner gets asked is “Why did you start your business?” Kristin, the owner and founder of The Bridal Retreat had a clear mission in mind when starting the company in 2018. After decades of planning destination celebrations, Kristin started The Bridal Retreat to share her wedding planning expertise with as many couples as she can, beyond her 1:1 planning clients. ⁠Today, we are highlighting one of the tools Kristin created for brides that want the expertise of a wedding planner or coordinator, but who may not have the funds, flexibility, or desire to hire a wedding planner.

Why The Bridal Retreat?

Kristin has a passion for helping couples navigate this special time in joyful and meaningful ways. At The Bridal Retreat, the goal is to make the wedding planning experience a holistic and happy part of the memories made.⁠ Many times, brides reach out because they are stressed and overwhelmed with the wedding planning process and need help from an expert. At The Bridal Retreat, the planning process incorporates stress and time management right from the beginning, all the way through the wedding day and beyond. Today, we are introducing a tool developed by Kristin that walks the wedding planning process from beginning to end. 

Introducing Something Us: Wedding Planning Book

Today, we are introducing The Bridal Retreat’s ultimate wedding planning journal: Something Us. Something Us is a handcrafted, guided marriage journal that walks the wedding planning process from engagement to honeymoon, and beyond. Our handcrafted book is perfect for holding mementos, organizing, and documenting your love story from the very beginning. It is something you will cherish for years to come.

One of the many roles of a wedding planner is to help brides navigate the balancing act between life and wedding planning. We are confident that Something Us provides brides with the wedding planner expertise without spending thousands on a planner or coordinator. Kristin walks you through all the steps that will get you closer to the aisle with every page. The journal allows brides to walk the path of wedding planning feeling confident in covering every detail along the way. 

What’s included in The Bridal Retreat Wedding Planning Book

  • Our Story – This Is Us
  • Saying Yes, Capturing the Proposal
  • Our Big Day
  • Mood and Vision Boards
  • Show Me the Money – Budgets
  • Guest Lists
  • Our Tribe – The Bridal Party
  • “X” Marks the Spot, Save The Date Planning
  • Say “Yes” To the Dress – Bridal Attire
  • Dude-Duds – Groomswear
  • Showered with Love – Planning Showers
  • Official Business – Ceremony Planning
  • We Request Your Presence – Invitations
  • Happy Hour – Drink Planning
  • Dinner Is Served – Menu Planning
  • Say Cheese – Photography
  • Oh Shoot – Videography
  • Mood Music – DJ and Music
  • Stop and Smell the Roses – Floral Planning
  • Do not Buy the Farm – Renting vs. Venue Inclusions
  • Forever Circles – Jewelry
  • Written in The Stars – Writing Vows
  • And They Danced the Night Away – First Dances
  • Just Dance – Planning Dances
  • Cheers – Toasts Not Roasts
  • Gather for The Feast – Welcome/Rehearsal Dinner
  • Please Be Seated – Seating Chart Planning
  • The Countdown Is On – Getting Ready, Hair & Make-Up
  • Traditions – Choosing Your Something Borrowed…
  • Planes, Trains, And Automobiles – Meeting Transportation Needs
  • Merci – Planning Thank You Cards
  • Muchas Gracias – Budgeting Tipping and Gratuities
  • Wed-Safe – Wedding Insurance Planning
  • Celebrate Good Times – Planning Other Parties
  • Something Edible Is Never Left Behind – Favors
  • Let There Be Cake – Choosing Desserts
  • Jetting Off to Happily Ever After – Honeymoon Planning
  • Your Wedding Planner – Preparing to Plan

You’ve been waiting for this moment your whole life—your wedding day! Now is not the time to let tiny details stand in the way of your special day. We love to hear from you—please reach out to us here with any questions on Something Us or our other wedding planning services. 

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