Do You Still Need Wedding Insurance in 2022?

There are so many details to remember for the wedding day, that some of the “not-so-fun” wedding tasks sound like a chore vs. fun when it comes to planning. Wedding insurance is one of those tasks that usually end up on the “chore list,” but is so important to remember! Keep reading for our tips on why you need insurance for your upcoming wedding, how to budget, and our recommended vendor.

Disclaimer: we are not lawyers or legal professionals. Our tips our from experience working with brides. Please follow our tips at your own risk.

Why Wedding Insurance?

Below are the top three reasons brides should consider wedding insurance and why wedding insurance is important in 2022. Our mission is for brides to have a stress-free wedding, so we hope these tips help you navigate wedding insurance policies and finding a good fit for you.

Weather-Related Events

95% of the time, our brides have not had to use their insurance policies. In our experience, during hurricane season is when insurance policies are exercised most. Wedding insurance policies are important for protection against weather-related events, such as hurricanes in Florida, or wildfires in California.

Covid and Illness

Some wedding policies cover unexpected medical emergencies. However, if you’re booking a new insurance policy in 2022, most wedding insurances are not covering Covid or viruses. Covid is now a pre-existing condition and unable to use as part of your cancellation policy.

Wedding Insurance and Serving Alcohol

When you are purchasing and serving alcohol, liability ultimately comes back to the person paying the bill. We recommend wedding insurance to protect yourself. With any level of drinking involved we highly recommend providing transportation for your guests as well.

Liability Coverage

In addition to insurance, we recommend brides also get liability insurance as extra protection for their wedding day. As a planner, we recommend a $2M policy for clients. Liability insurance covers liquor liability, someone getting hurt during setup/breakdown, or hurt in general at the wedding. Other unexpected events are also typically covered such as a fire. For example, if your wedding is taking place at a historic home and your DJ plugs in equipment and the equipment starts a fire!

Wedding Insurance Cost and Budgeting

We recommend trying to keep all your wedding expenses in one place, such as paying from one bank account or on one credit card so it makes it easier to reconcile. We use a spreadsheet system that you can find here. A plus to using a credit card such as Amex or Capital One is that many times these companies offer insurance on larger purchases (check with your credit card company).

Where to Buy Wedding Insurance

We highly recommend buying insurance from a reputable company. Our recommendation is Wedsafe. Wedsafe provides a free quote online after answering a series of questions on date and timing, location, and budget amount. We find this company the easiest and user-friendly to work with!

Wedding Coverage is a must in 2022

We hope these tips helped you navigate wedding insurance in 2022. Please contact us today with any further questions on wedding planning and navigating wedding and liability insurance for your upcoming wedding.

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